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Teaching English through Dramatizing

Summer has come and many of our kids are at summer camps. It is a great chance to practise English in a creative and relaxing atmosphere.

Certainly, I'd recommend you to use songs and poems about everything the kids can see in summer( we have no time to learn summer vocabulary when we are at school): flower , birds, berries and fruit, summer games and attractions .

But the  activity I like most of all is dramatizing! It's a really great way to teach and learn language! The kids have a awesome practice of oral speach , they memorise new and revise already-learnt vocabulary. The excitement is one more plus for this method of teaching English.

Any play give us real life situations and our kids, at last, can learn a real life vocabulary, not the one from the textbooks . The importance of dramatizing is shown in this formula : the words + actions + definite situation = the strong memorising . Don't forget, you'll repeat the phrases a lot of times with different intonations and it won't be a boring chanting, it'll be a rehearsal !And our pupils like it,no doubt.

And be sure, when the time of show comes, the young actors will surprise you and their parents with their superb English! And , belive me, they won't forget this expearence in future! So ,let's chose the play and begin to work with our children!

This is how the kids dramatize the play The House in the Wood in our summer camp

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