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Lesson Plans: The Seasons of the Year

The  aims of this party are:
-       to revise “Seasons and weather” words;
-       to teach new words related to this topic;
-       to train pupils to communicate fluently and effectively;
-       to make learning English more enjoyable;
-       to teach pupils to take care of nature.

There are a lot of poems, an short play (as far as youknow ,I like dramatising),and songs. You can also use more  poems and songs. 

Firstly you should ask pupils to name the seasons of the year and  revise the colours of each season:
Spring is green
Summer is bright
Autumn is yellow
Winter is white.

Dramatising : the teacher tells that he/she  knows one little queen, who has never heard about  the months and seasons.

SCENE IV (Twelve Month)
Queen  I don’t like writing. My hands are dirty.
Teacher.  You are right, your majesty. It is very unpleasant work. However, may I ask you to write down four line only?
Q  All right! Dictate!
T.                                               The grass is green
                                                  The sun is bright
                                                The swallow is singing
                                                   And flying to us.

                                   Chancellor is entering the room

Ch.  Good morning, your majesty! May I ask you to put Your signature? To four edicts only.
Q.     Write! Again!
Ch. Your resolution only.
Q.  And what shall I write?
Ch.  Either “execute” or “forgiveness”.
Q.  E- xe- cu-te, for-gi-ve-ness. I shall write “execute” – it is shorter.
Chancellor is leaving the room.
T.  It is shorter!
Q.  What’s the matter?
T.  Oh, Your Majesty! What have you written!
Q.  Did I make any mistake? Maybe it should be “ixicute”?
T.  No, you were right, but made a bad mistake.
Q.  What mistake?
T. You executed the person and you didn’t think about him!
Q.  But I can’t write and think at the same time.
T.  It isn’t necessary. First you should think and then you should write.
Q.  If I do that, I shall think and think and think all time. And then I go mad. Well! Have you got any other questions?
T.  May I ask you to count? Please, multiply seven by seven.
Q.  I don’t remember how to do it. It’s not interesting to me. And what about you?
T.  Oh! Of course! It’s very interesting to me, Your Majesty!
Q.  It is strange! Well! Good-bye! The lesson is over. Today is New year’s Eve. I am very busy.
T.  Just as you like, Your Majesty!
Q.  It is very good to be a queen. Everybody agree with me, even my teacher. Well! I like when everybody agrees with me.
T.  Your Majesty, I shall always agree with you, if you want.
Q.  Swear? Well! Let’s count!
T.  And now multiply six by six, will you?
Q.  Eleven.
T.  All right, Your Majesty! Multiply eight by eight, please.
Q.  Three.
T.  OK, Your Majesty!
Q.  I am tired. Tell me something.
T.  What?
Q.  I don’t know. Something about New Year.
T.  Your obedient servant, Your Majesty. There are twelve month in the year.
Q.  Really?
T.  It is true. Their names are January, February….December.
Q.  You have got a brilliant memory!
T.  Thank you, Your Majesty! Months come one by one. February never comes before January, and September never comes before August.
Q.  But I want April before January!
T.  It is impossible!
Q.  You again!
T.  Oh! I do agree with you. But science and nature have objections!
Q.  Nonsense! I’ll promulgate a new law and set my seal on it.
T.  It is useless. Besides, each month is good. We can skate and sledge in December, January and February. There is the first dripping of melted snow in March, and we can see the first flowers – snowdrops- in April.
Q.  OK. I want April now. I like Snowdrops very much. I have never seen them.
T.April will come soon. You have to wait only three months or 90 days.
Q. 90 days! But I can’t wait! Tomorrow we shall have a New Year’s party. I want to have snowdrops for this party!
T.  Your Majesty! You can’t break the law of the nature!
Q.  I’ll promulgate a new law of Nature! Teacher, sit down at my desk and write! I’ll dictate to you!
     “ The grass is green
       The sun is bright.
There are a lot of flowers in our forest. Bring a basket of snowdrops to our palace for the New Year’s party! A full basket of gold is awaiting you!” Chancellor!
 The chancellor is entering
Set my seal and proclaim my order!
Ch.  But your Majesty!
Q.  This is my order!

Teacher asks kids what they know about the seasons of the year. Which season is the coldest? And  she/he welcomes winter months!
 This is the season
When children ski
And old Father Frost
Brings New Year’s Tree.
The windows blue at night
But in the morning they are white
And snowflakes are falling
Come out they are calling.
Get out of bed and take your sledg
This cold and frosty day
The sun is bright, the snow is right
For outdoor winter play.
It’s snowing! It’s snowing!
What a lot of snow!
Let us make some snowballs
We all like to throw.
When windows are frosty
And icy in places
I like to write letters
And draw funny faces,
Or flowers, or houses
Or maybe a cat-
I really wish windows
Are always like that!

The Wind and Snowflakes come in.

Little snowflakes, come and play!
I have nothing to do today!
Here we come! Oh what fun!
We are dancing and floating in the sun!
See the pretty snowflakes
Falling from the sky
On the wall and houses-tops
Soft and thick they lie.
On the windows-ledges
On the branches bare
See how fast they gather
Filling all the air.
Now the bare black bushes
All look soft and white.
See the snowflakes falling
What a pretty sight!

All together.
Don’t forget the birds
Now when winter comes
Think they may be hungry
Throw them out your crumbs/
Come on , snowflakes, come with me
There are many things to see/
Come on, sisters, back we go
To there the ground is white with snow.

The Wind, Winter months and Snowflakes go out

This is the season when snowdrops bloom,
When nobody like to stay in the room
This is the season when birds make their nests.
This is the season we all like best!

Teacher invites the spring months
Pass the happy news along
Listen to the bird’s sweet song
Spring is coming winter’s gone
Pass the happy news along!
Kids_at_the_partyThe birds are returning
Their songs fill the air
And meadows are smiling
With blossoms so fair.
 I’m happy! I’m happy! I sing all day!
It’s spring, it’s spring again!
In the spring in the spring 
  Sweet and fresh is everything!
April weather – rain and sunshine both together.
In the spring, in the spring sweet and fresh is everything.
In the marry month of May
All the little flowers are gay
They laugh and sing and say
“Winter days are far away
Welcome, welcome, marry May!”
Girls and boys
“In winter I can ski and skate”
Says little Kate.
“In summer I can go and swim”
Says little Jim.
“And what do you do in spring?”
“In spring we can play and sing!”

The next season is presented by a pupil
This is the season when nights are short
 And children have plenty of fun and sport
Boating and swimming all day long
 Will make us well and strong.
Teacher asks summer months to come out

June.                              Summer’s here! Days are long!
                                      And the sun is high and strong
July.                               Long live summer! Golden bright
Full of warmth and sweet delight.
The Sun. 
Come my children, come away
For the Sun shines bright today!
Little children, come with me
Birds and brooks and flowers se
Get your hats and come away
For it is a pleasant day.
Merry dance.

Among the green branches
That sway overhead
The apples are hanging
All rosy and red
Just ripe for picking
All juicy and sweet
So pretty to look at
And lovely to eat.
Teacher.  Have you ever seen the rainbow? What colours does it consist of ?
                ( Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, dark-blue, violet)
Girl.                                         Violet, indigo, blue and green
                                                Yellow, orange and fiery red
                                                These are the seven colours
                                                Of the rainbow overhead.
Boy.                                        Shall I tell you how and why
                                               You find the rainbow in the sky?
                                               When rain and sunshine comes together
                                               That makes for lovely rainbow weather.

Teacher invites the autumn months
Autumn is the season when apples are sweet
It is the season when school friends meet
When noisy and gay and browned by sun
       With their books and bags to school they run.
October.     “Come, little leaves,” said wind one day
                   “Come over meadows with me and play!
                   Put on your dress of red and gold
                   For summer has gone and the days are cold!’’
November.                             The summer is over
                                               The trees are all bare
                                               There are mist in the garden
Kids                                               And the frost in the air
                                               The meadows are empty
                                               And gathered sheaves
                                               But isn’t it lovely
                                               Kicking up leaves?!

Boy.                                        What a rainy season!
                                               The sky is dark and grey!
                                               No sun any more
                                               No playing outdoors.
Girl.                                       But in the rainy season
                                                 I have other joys                     

                                              I reed my books and play
                                               At home with my toys.
You can finish the party with this song If you're happy

More songs summer , spring, seasons , winter

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