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Grammar : used to / be used to / get used to (+ video)

Hello, dear learners!

Today we have got one more lesson devoted to the phrase used to. We have already learnt some rules of using and making of used to . Please, revise them here

As you can see, used to + infinitive  can be used for past habits or states. In this case this expression can be replaced by the past simple form with no difference in meaning.

When I was a child, we played active games outside .
When I was a child,we used to play active games outside.

But we can use noun / pronoun / - ing form after used to. The meaning of these phrases is different:

  • be used to + noun, pronoun, ing form = be in the habbit of, be accustomed to

She is used to living in this country.

She is  used to the  rainy weather here.

  • get used to + noun, pronoun, ing form  = become accustomed to

She will soon get used to the local food

They are getting used to working in the garden.

Note  In these phrses we use to before the  -ing form , not the infinitive !

Now , let's watch the video :

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