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Read & Speak : Summer Morning

summer Hello, dear readers!

Good morning! It's really a beautiful summer morning outside!

 The Sun, a king of summer days,is  pouring down his rays in the clear blue sky. Fragrant bright flowers have already woken. A lot of  bees are humming over them. The drops of pearl dew are shining in the emerald grass. High in the tree-tops sweet bird songs are ringing.
Oh, new summer day! Hope, it'll be happy !

Today I'd like to show you how  we can use poetry for developing our English!  
Will you read these poems and try to describe the summer morning , using the word and phrases from them
Summer Morning
  by: Sarah Josepha Hale (1788-1879)

 How beautiful the morning,
When summer days are long;
O, we will rise betimes and hear
The wild-bird's happy song--
For when the sun pours down his ray
The bird will cease to sing;
She'll seek the cool and silent shade,
And sit with folded wing.

Up in the morning early--
'Tis Nature's gayest hour!
There's pearls of dew upon the grass
And fragrance on the flower.
Up in the morning early,
And we will bound abroad,
And fill our hearts with melody,
And raise our songs to God.

A Summer Morning
  by: Martha Lavinia Hoffman (1865-1900)

Welcome, glad morning, night's sable curtain
Rolls from the valley and mountains away;
Bursts the great sun forth in glorious splendor,
Herald of morning and king of the day!

Far in the distance the brooklet is singing,
The honey-bee hums o'er the fair, fragrant flower,
High in the tree-tops sweet bird songs are ringing;
And far to the west the tall mountain peaks tower.

Up in the oak tree, canaries sing gaily,
Linnets perch, chirping, on trellis and wall;
Sweet, merry warblers, ye gladden me, daily,
As down from the tree-tops your merry notes fall.

Beautiful picture, mountain and green wood,
Clad in rich robes, like a fairy queen's song,
Radiant Summer! to thy great storehouse
All of these beauties and wonders belong.

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