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Studying English vs Speaking English ( + video)

Hello, dear readers!

Let's discuss the difference between studying English and speaking English.

No doubt, a lot of my readers think that the biggest problem for foreign learners is to transform himself from a student into a fluent speaker.

I consider, the students should start learning language from listening and speaking. This is a natural way the kids learn their native language, isn't it?

It's better to listen to authentic video and audio tracks. They include not only new vocabulary with good pronunciation. The student can catch the specific tune of language, its intonations, pay attention to the correct pronunciation of words and phrases and he also can learn the gesticulation and face expressions common for this folk.

Listening is closely connected to speaking . And you should speak, speak,speak. The more you do it, the more confident speaker you'll  become. If you have no partner to communicate with ,talk to yourself. This exercise helps your brain to understand and memorise the unfamiliar language and your mouth to creat new sounds . What is more, you should use all new words and phrases to memorise them.

The second way to use language is writing . I really recommend you to write full comments in social networks (not just  nice or awesome or cute), share your opinion in your personal journal or blog, take part in online discussions and so on. This work is extremely useful. You 'll try to use informative ,interesting words to avoid repetitions, to express your thoughts clearly. All in all, you'll be more skillful language user.

Why not to write your comment here? I'll be very pleased to read it! So, let's start!

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