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Let's watch & learn :The Devil Wears Prada #2. At the Interview

 Hello,der learners!
Today we're going to see the second scene from the amazing movie The Devil Wears Prada. The first one is here . The second episode can be named The Interview.

This is an example of official dialog:there are no idioms, beautiful phrases,  we can clearly hear each word, the sentences are not too long. The aim of an interviewee ( an interviewed person) is to describe himself in a better way and make a good impression, isn't it?

In my opinion, the scene contents a lot of useful phrases which must be used by an interviewee in a real life. I have marked them, so pay your attention to the words in bold.

 Now, the next very  important thing during the interview is miming, gesticulation, and intonation of the interviewee. I'm sure, it is brilliantly expressed here by Anne Hathaway, a famous film star.

- She wants to see you.

- Oh! She does?


- This is foul. Don't let her see it. Go!

- That's-

Who are you?

Uh, my name is Andy Sachs.I recently graduated from Northwestern University.

-And what are you doing here?

-Well, I think I could do a good job as your assistant.

-And, um-

-Yeah, I came to New York to be a journalist and sent letters out everywhere...and then finally got a call from Elias-Clarke...and met with Sherry up at Human Resources.Basically, it's this or Auto Universe.

- So you don't read Runway?

- Uh, no.

-And before today,you had never heard of me.


-And you have no style or sense of fashion.

-Well, um, I think that depends on what you're-

-No, no. That wasn't a question.

-Um, I was editor in chief of the Daily Northwestern.I also, um, won a national competition

for college journalists...with my series on the janitors' union,which exposed the exploitation-

-That's all.

-Yeah. You know, okay.You're right. I don't fit in here.I am not skinny or glamorous...

and I don't know that much about fashion.But I'm smart.I learn fast and I will work very hard.

-I got the exclusive on the Cavalli for Gwyneth...but the problem is, with that huge

feathered headdress that she's wearing...she looks like she's working the main stage at the Golden Nugget.

-Thank you for your time.

-Who is that sad little person?

-Are we doing a before-and-after piece I don't know about?

-Brown and Law, please?

-Thank you.

- Andrea.

- Hmm?

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