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Read and Enjoy:Robert Louis Stevenson, Summer Sun

Hello dear readers!
Let's continue to learn English through Literature. This poem by R L Stevenson gives us an amazing summer picture. There are some new words in it. Their meanings are given in the Vocabulary section . The video helps you to pronounce the words correctly. So, let's read, learn, enjoy!

"Great is the sun, and wide he goes
Through empty heaven with repose;
And in the blue and glowing days
More thick than rain he showers his rays.

Though closer still the blinds we pull
To keep the shady parlour cool,
Yet he will find a chink or two
To slip his golden fingers through.

The dusty attic spider-clad
He, through the keyhole, maketh glad;
And through the broken edge of tiles
Into the laddered hay-loft smiles.

воскресенье, 10 мая 2015 г.

четверг, 23 апреля 2015 г.

Robert Frost A Prayer In Spring

Hello dear readers!
Today let's read the popular poem A Prayer in Spring by Robert Frost. The poem makes us open our hearts and souls to love which is everywhere around us in spring.
To my mind, there are some difficult phrases in this poem, so you can find  to explain the meanings of some of them in the Vocabulary section .The video has good pictures to help learners to understand the context of difficult lines . What is more, it is a good chance to do a shadow practice: use the subtitles and try to imitate the voice of the reciter. So, let's read and enjoy the poem and practice English!

Oh, give us pleasure in the flowers to-day; 
And give us not to think so far away 
As the uncertain harvest; keep us here 
All simply in the springing of the year. 

вторник, 21 апреля 2015 г.

Jane Austen. Illustrations by Charles Edmund Brock

Hello dear readers!
Have you read the novels by Jane Austen? They are the very popular all around the world,  not only in the English speaking countries . The romantic works of this writer were created about 200 years ago,so they show us the  real life of 18-19 centuries. 
The most popular among them are "Pride andPrejudice","Emma","Sense and Sensibility".
Today I'd like to post some old illustrations to these books. An English artist Charles Edmund Brock is well-known as the best illustrator of Jane Austen's books.
Let's enjoy these works and read /or reread the outstanding novels of Jane Austen.


понедельник, 20 апреля 2015 г.

Teaching English: E-Board

Hello dear colleagues!

I'd like to share the useful information for those who want to use the e-board for their online or usual lessons. As the rule, the small schools in many places haven't got such kind of  equipment. But if you have an access to the Internet and a modern TV set ,it's not a problem. You can visit this page and try to work with the e-board here. You can invite your online students to work together if you press the button invite.

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воскресенье, 19 апреля 2015 г.

ESL: Phrasal Verbs

Hello, dear learners!
This video is strongly recommended for ESL students. The author of the video names 48 common phrasal verbs, explanes their meanings and gives the examples of their using in everyday life. It is really interesting and useful!

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суббота, 11 апреля 2015 г.

Easter Lesson for Children with Peppa pig

Hello,dear learners!
This is a new English lesson for kids with Peppa Pig!(You can also see this lesson) Here we'll learn how  British kids play a  chocolate egg hunt,learn new prepositions of place,and we also learn how to use Present Perfect Tense.
So,let's watch the video and then answer the question and find the correct pictures .

четверг, 9 апреля 2015 г.

Reading:My April Lady by Henry Van Dyke

painter Howard Rogers
Hello,dear readers!
April has come and Love is everywhere around us! This lovely April poem is really worth reading just now!
So, let's read and enjoy!

My April Lady by Henry Van Dyke

When down the stair at morning
The sunbeams round her float,
Sweet rivulets of laughter
Are bubbling in her throat;
The gladness of her greeting
Is gold without alloy;
And in the morning sunlight
I think her name is Joy.

понедельник, 30 марта 2015 г.

Vocabulary : Personality

qualitiesHello,dear learners!
We have already learnt a lot of words for describing a person's character. You can revise them here or visit this page Can You Describe a Person You Like ?
 Today I'd like to recommend this video to learn  more  words and clearly understand their meanings.

четверг, 26 марта 2015 г.

Reported Speech:Reported Questions (+ one more amazing song!!!)

Hello,dear learners!
The second lesson is about reported questions. Lesson #1 is here.
Reported questions are usually introduced with the verbs ask, wonder,want to know , etc.
He asked when Ann would come back.
I wonder if it's possible to book a table for Saturday.

  •  In the reported questions we use affirmative word order. We put a full stop "." instead of the question mark "?"  :

Direct question:                                     What countries have you been to?
Reported questions :        They asked me what countries I had been to.
Direct question :                                          Do you like London?
Reported question:          They wanted to know if I liked London.

  • The verb tenses,pronouns,time expressions should be changed as in statements.
  • When the direct question begins with the auxiliary verb (do, did, have, had, can, will, etc.) we use words if or whether to report the question:

среда, 25 марта 2015 г.

Can You Describe a Person You Like ?

Hello,dear learners!
These two videos from Emma (EngVid) teach  us how to talk about a man/a woman we like!
They are interesting and useful! You'll learn new words and expressions watching them.
So, let's see and learn!

вторник, 24 марта 2015 г.

Just for Fun: Cats!

Painter Gary Patterson

Dear readers! 
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суббота, 21 марта 2015 г.

Speaking :Greetings and Responses

Hello ESL learners!
How do people greet each other in English? Usually we learn only : How are you? - I'm fine.
But there are some other greeting questions and responses. What are they? What are the differences in their meanings ?
These useful videos give the answers to these questions.

понедельник, 16 марта 2015 г.

Improving English Speaking and Fluency (video)

Hello,dear learners!
Today I'd like to recommend you this video. The teacher explains a new technique "shadowing" which can be used for improving speaking skills and fluency. So, let's try it!

воскресенье, 15 марта 2015 г.

Listening: Online Dating

Today let's talk about online dating. Nowadays it is a very popular way to meet a new partner. Do you think that an internet dating is a really good idea?
We are going to see an episode from a Hollywood film "You've got mail ". The stars are Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

So, let's see
  Check yourself!

вторник, 10 марта 2015 г.

English for Children :March (Ideas for Teachers)

Hello, dear teachers!
If you want to talk  with your little students about March,you can use some of my ideas. I'm happy to share them with you.
So, you may start with the brainstorm activity: tell your students that you are going to discuss the topic March and show them two pictures : a picture of a lion and a sheep:

Ask your students how  these pictures can be connected with the theme of the lesson. Then show them this poster with the wellknown English proverb. And ask them how they understand these words.

"The March wind roars
Like a lion in the sky,
And makes us shiver
As he passes by. 
When winds are soft,
And the days are warm and clear,
Just like a gentle lamb,
Then spring is here."
-  Author Unknown

среда, 4 марта 2015 г.

Songs for Studying English: Oh,Carol by Smokie

Hello, dear learners!
This amazing song was created almost 40 years ago ( in 1978), but in 2015 there are a lot of people who love it and enjoy Smokie's music!To my mind, it will be useful for everyone to learn some new words and expressions from this song. I'm sure,singing it in your free time makes you happier and your English better!
You'll see a vocabulary section and a task for learners  here.

воскресенье, 15 февраля 2015 г.

How to Speak Fluently: Words-Fillers (video)

Hello, dear learners!
To my mind, this video is useful for ESL students. To speak English fluently one should know the words which help to fill the pause in the conversation. these are "fillers". do you know these words ? Can you use them? Let's check!

Dear readers! 
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пятница, 13 февраля 2015 г.

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

painter Henry Hintermeister                                

Silly Valentine 
by Joanna Fuchs

It’s Valentine’s day,
And it’s really quite silly;
My feelings are switching around

пятница, 6 февраля 2015 г.

Reported Speech: Reported Statements

Hello friends!
This post is about  reported speech.What is    reported speech ? This is the way to to give the general meaning of someone's  saying,but not the exact words.
"I love you, Mary!" whispered John. (direct speech)
 John told Mary that he loved her. (reported speech)

Reported Statements

There are some important rules one should remember to report someone's words:
1.Reported statements are usually introduced with the verbs say ( that) or tell (that).
Say is used with or without a personal object. When used with a personal object, it is always followed by the preposition to :

понедельник, 26 января 2015 г.

Dinosaurs: Poems and Songs for Children

Hello dear friends!
The topic of the day is dinosaurs!
I don't know why kids like these prehistoric creatures , but they do love stories, poems and songs about them. So, here you'll find two funny poems and an  amusing song devoted to dinosaurs! 

    by Jack Prelutsky

Brachiosaurus had little to do
    but stand with its head in the treetops and chew,

    it nibbled the leaves that were tender and green,
    it was a perpetual eating machine.

Brachiosaurus was truly immense,

    its vacuous mind was uncluttered by sense,

    it hadn't the need to be clever and wise,

    no beast dared to bother a being its size.

среда, 21 января 2015 г.

English with Peppa Pig

Hello dear parents and teachers!

This is one more episode from Peppa Pig cartoon series to teach English to elementary level students.
Kids like Peppa and they are always happy to meet her and her friends .

The theme is "In the  playground"
Swings/ a climbing frame/ a slide
To play on the swings/on the climbing frame/on the slide
Push me/Push gently
High –higher/ too high
to be a bit scared of heights
To  stick/ stuck in the tyre
Pull out
Push down
Bounce off
I’m flying
Can’t get out
 Useful phrases 
Hold tight!
It’s not funny! It does look a bit funny.
Look at me!

понедельник, 19 января 2015 г.

Nice for Reading: I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings By Maya Angelou

a-free-birdHello,dear learners!
Today we'll read an amazing poem which I was greatly impressed with . So I decided to post it to enjoy the poem together. The short lines of it are full of unbelievable strength and deep thoughts about life.
Are you ready to answer the question if  you are a free bird or a caged one ?

I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

By Maya Angelou

The free bird leaps
on the back of the wind
and floats downstream
till the current ends
and dips his wings
in the orange sun rays
and dares to claim the sky.

воскресенье, 11 января 2015 г.

Pronunciation : Jazz Chants.Rain

Hello dear learners!
I'd like to recommend you one more jazz chant. Jazz chants are the special exercises for improving students' pronunciation . These exercises clearly demonstrate the natural rhythm of English language and help learners  to speak English correctly.
Dear readers! 
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пятница, 9 января 2015 г.

Let It Go: Songs for Studying English

Hello, dear learners!
Winter is a beautiful season, but one should be careful: the Snow Queen sometimes turns the hearts into ice and the people become frozen. No feelings, no emotions, nothing... To prevent this, you shouldn't forget to say the words of love to your nearest and dearest, laugh  with your friends and  sing songs .
So, let's sing and study English.
This song is the official sound track to the animated film "Frozen" and it won the Oscar Award for the Best Song in 2014.

let go -  to stop thinking about or being angry about the past or something that happened in the past:
swirling - to  move quickly with a twisting, circular movement

среда, 7 января 2015 г.

Wintry Poems for Children :Jack Frost by Gabriel Setoun (Thomas Nicoll Hepburn)

Hello,dear readers!
 Glad to see you in 2015! Hope, this year will be peaceful and fruitful for us!
   It's very cold outside and windows are frozen.I  decided to post this wonderful poem when had seen the unbelievable paintings over my windows. It seems to me, the youngest learners , as well as their teachers and parents will like this poem. 
So,let's read and enjoy it!

 Jack Frost
by Gabriel Setoun (Thomas Nicoll Hepburn)

The door was shut, as doors should be,
Before you went to bed last night;
Yet Jack Frost has got in, you see,
And left your window silver white.

вторник, 6 января 2015 г.

Adverbs : -ly ending

Hello,dear learners!
Today we'll study adverbs again. (Part 1 is here.) Hope, you  will find some useful tips in this post.

The most common way to form adverbs is to add -ly to adjectives:
gentle-gently, wonderful - wonderfully, sad - sadly, etc.

But there are some words with  ending  -ly   which are not adverbs. They are adjectives :
elderly,cowardly,friendly,likely,deadly,lively,lonely,silly,ugly,lovely, etc.
John is a kind and friendly person.
It was an ugly creature.
One should use the words way/manner to form their adverbs:
They talked in a friendly way/manner.

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