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Winter-Time - Poem by Robert Louis Stevenson

Hello everyone!

It's winter! This is a fantastic season of  falling snowflakes, biting frost,hot drinks,warm blankets and fairytales  for children and adults. It brings us  the most exciting Christmastime !!! This season really makes adults feel like kids. Maybe this is the reason we like winter so much!

This lovely wintry poem is one of those outstanding creations,which let us see,hear and feel like the author did it many years ago. It's a masterpiece,and we are ready to read and enjoy it!

среда, 30 ноября 2016 г.


Clapping Games for Kids

Hello everyone!

May I ask you what our children like doing ? You are right, their favouite activity is playing so ESL teachers use various games for teaching , especially for preschoolers and young schoolchildren. And I'd like to know if you use hand-clapping games for teaching English?
If no, I really advise you to  begin with  "This -That".  Small children extremely enjoy this activity.In the video you see my six-year-old students are playing it. The ryhme is simple, so it is not difficult to memorise it.
  As a teacher, you are able to solve some problems: teach grammar and new vocabulary, develope pronunciation , create an English cultural society and help  your little students to like English!

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понедельник, 28 ноября 2016 г.

November by Elizabeth Coatsworth

November comes
And November goes,
With the last red berries
And the first white snows.

With night coming early,
And dawn coming late,
And ice in the bucket
And frost by the gate.

The fires burn
And the kettles sing,
And earth sinks to rest
Until next spring."

  Elizabeth Coatsworth

вторник, 8 ноября 2016 г.

Household Chores : How to Teach

Hello friends!
The awesome song "When will my life begin?" is my recommendation today. It can be used for expanding students' vocabulary while studying such topics as" Household chores"' and " Free time activities".It is suitable for teaching (and studying !) future simple grammar rules. And no doubt, it is good as a phonetic exercise for improving one's pronunciation.
As you can see, this song is a real treasure for ESL teachers and students.
So,let's sing, learn, enjoy!

суббота, 29 октября 2016 г.

Halloween Party at School

Hello everyone!
Glad to see you again! Are you ready for Halloween? We don't  traditionally  celebrate this day in our country, so it is one more possibility to get  some new information about  English-speaking countries.
First of all, poems. I'm sure ,the more poems our students know,the best results  in learning English (or any other language) they have . I like these poems and hope,you'll like them too. I have a  secret of learning poems: children memorise them quickly when we recite them with gesticulation!!!

Hallowe'en Parade

Five white ghosts and seven goblins,
Go parading down the street,
Boys and girls with funny faces,
Asking for a treat.

суббота, 12 марта 2016 г.

How to Start a Lesson : Songs

Hello my dear colleagues!
Today I'd like to share with you my collection of  so-called 'greeting' songs. I'm absolutely sure that a good song at the beginning of the lesson encourages our students, gives them a signal to start our work and inspires them.
 If children like the song, they sing it themselves  having some free time before the lesson . It's so nice to hear the singing of the smallest ones!  And what is more, some of my students confess  they sing the rhythmic English songs while going to school and all day long!

So this is the list of the best greeting songs I use to start a lesson. What songs do you use?

среда, 3 февраля 2016 г.

Songs for Studying English: Crazy Family

Hello dear colleagues!

I'd like to recommend you the funny song  for studying Family vocabulary. My students like to sing it at the lessons.
 The tasks I give my students
1. Circle the Family words;
2. Find the verbs, mime them;
3. Sing and act out the song ;
4. Draw the picture of the family from this song;
5. Find the lines where Past Simple forms are used , give their 1st forms;
6. Tell about the rest day of your family.

There's my mother with green hair
But my father doesn't care
There's my brother who gets stronger
Every breakfast lunch and dinner
And my sister, oh Yucky!
Who eats nothing but jelly
What a strange and crazy family!

понедельник, 1 февраля 2016 г.

The Teacher's Face

The teacher's face is changeable:
It can be thoughtful and caring;
It can be inspired and funny;
It can be happy and excited;
Sometimes it can be strict,
But it mustn't be angry !

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суббота, 30 января 2016 г.

The Lovely British Poetry : Emily Dickinson The Sky Is Low

Hello dear readers!
Do you really love winter? I mean, do you love winter with its sharp cold winds, slippery roads, short grey days and endless nights?
Can you imagine that such a miserable picture is a source of inspiration?
Emily Dickinson created this winter masterpiece in some usual words. Let's read and enjoy this amazing poem!
My favourite phrase from this poem:
Nature, like us, is sometimes caught
Without her diadem.

The sky is low, the clouds are mean,
A travelling flake of snow
Across a barn or through a rut
Debates if it will go.

A narrow wind complains all day
How some one treated him;
Nature, like us, is sometimes caught
Without her diadem.

Mean - angry, violent
a barn - large building on a farm where animalscrops, or machines are kept
a rut -  deep narrow mark in the ground made by a wheel
to complain - express dissatisfaction or annoyance about something 
to treat - to behave towards someone in a particular way
How some one treated him - What others thins about him

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вторник, 5 января 2016 г.

пятница, 1 января 2016 г.

Happy New Year!

Hello dear readers! I'm glad to see you again! 
My pupils and I wish you a happy New Year! 
Hope, it will  really be the wonderful time
 for discovering new things around us,
for reaching new goals,
for saving peace in our world,
for caring about those who need our help!

Happy New Year!!!

Here we've saved  some happy moments from our New Year's paty in my school and want to share them with you!

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