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School Party "Winter Holidays" for Primary School Children

Icy Toes Sung to: "Jingle Bells"

Icy toes, Chilly nose,
Wintertime is here.
My teeth Chatter,
What's the matter?
Wintertime is here, Oh!
Icy toes, Chilly nose,
Wintertime is here.
My teeth chatter,
What's the matter?
Wintertime is here

This is the season
When children ski
And old Father Frost
Brings New Year’s Tree.

Teacher :  What season is it? Let's check how well you know the winter words! (Use the flash cards to revise the words : winter, snow, Christmas, New Year's Eve, Christmas tree,Santa Claus, Father Frost, reindeer, sleigh,snowflakes, snowballs,snowman,fireplace,wreath,candy cane, stocking, ski, mitten, roof,chimney.)

It's time to sing a frosty wintwer song         Sung to: "The farmer in the Dell"

The frost is on the roof
(point hands over head)
The frost is on the ground
(point to the floor)
The frost is on the window
(make a window with your hands)
The frost is all around
(make large circles with hands)

Time to play Winer Bingo!
My kids like to colour pictures, that's why I used this black and white version.


The windows are blue at night
But in the morning they are white
And snowflakes are falling
Come out they are calling.

Get out of bed and take your sledge
This cold and frosty day
The sun is bright, the snow is right
For outdoor winter play.

The Thumb in the Thumb place
Fingers all together
This is the song we sing
When it is mitten weather.

It’s snowing! It’s snowing!
What a lot of snow!
Let us make some snowballs
We all like to throw.

Game: Snowballs. Pupils throw a snowball to each other and say winter words.

Song and dance    Snowkey pokey

You put your right mitten in,
you take your right mitten out,
in- out, in – out,
and you shake it all about.

You do the snowkey pokey
and you turn yourself around.
That's what it's all about.

Additional verses:
You put your left mitten in . . .
You put your right boot in . . .
You put your left boot in . . .

P 6
Snowflakes, Snowflakes
Falling to the ground.
Each one rest so gently
They never make a sound.

Snowflakes, Snowflakes
Are so pure and white.
The special thing about them is
No two are alike.

Song Snowflakes. Children dance with the snowflakes in their hands
This song is nice for the 1st formers, and this one is good for older ones.

Don’t forget the birds
Now when winter comes
Think they may be hungry
Throw them out your crumbs.

P 9 - 10
A Chubby Little Snowman

A chubby little snowman,
Had a carrot nose.
Along came a bunny,
And what do you suppose?

That hungry little bunny,
Looking for his lunch.
Ate that snowman's carrot nose,
Nibble, nibble, crunch!!

Song 10 Snowmen

10 happy snowmen riding on a sled
1 fell off and bumped his head
Frosty called the doctor and the doctor said
No more snowmen riding on that sled
(Continue in this fashion until you get to zero)

It's time to dance!

Dance Around The Christmas tree

This is the way we dance around,
Dance around,dance around
This is the way we dance around
around the Christmas tree!
*skip around
*twirl around
*hop around
*spin around
*tip toe around

P 14
Two merry blue eyes
A very little nose
A long snowy beard
And cheeks like a rose
P 15
A round chubby man
A big red pack
Hurray for Old Santa
We're glad he's come back!

Song Santa
This song is for the youngest students
this one is for older ones.

Now it's time to create a Christmas card for children's family members!

P 16
I've Been Waiting For Christmas
I've been waiting for Christmas,
And it's almost here.
I've been waiting for Christmas,
Santa's getting near.
P 17
Can't you hear the sleigh bells ringing?
Reindeer up so high.
Can't you hear the children singing,
As they watch the sky?

Song Dancing Christmas tree

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