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Songs for Studying English: Crazy Family

Hello dear colleagues!

I'd like to recommend you the funny song  for studying Family vocabulary. My students like to sing it at the lessons.
 The tasks I give my students
1. Circle the Family words;
2. Find the verbs, mime them;
3. Sing and act out the song ;
4. Draw the picture of the family from this song;
5. Find the lines where Past Simple forms are used , give their 1st forms;
6. Tell about the rest day of your family.

There's my mother with green hair
But my father doesn't care
There's my brother who gets stronger
Every breakfast lunch and dinner
And my sister, oh Yucky!
Who eats nothing but jelly
What a strange and crazy family!

But my favourite one of all
Is my crazy uncle Paul
Always sings, makes us fly
Always jumps and jumps so high
Often eats a dozen eggs
Always drinks two gallons straight!
Mister Crazy, in the family!

I remember yesterday
We all had such a great day
When we went to the sea
Oh together, we were free!
Uncle Paul swam like a fool
Played and ran, it was so cool
Great weekend, with my family!

Yes I love as I love tea
My little crazy family
And we laugh, and we run
Oh together we have fun
Mother, father, brother, sister
Uncle, aunt, cousins, together
Yes, I love my crazy family
Yes I love my crazy crazy crazy family!

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