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Easter Lesson for Children with Peppa pig

Hello,dear learners!
This is a new English lesson for kids with Peppa Pig!(You can also see this lesson) Here we'll learn how  British kids play a  chocolate egg hunt,learn new prepositions of place,and we also learn how to use Present Perfect Tense.
So,let's watch the video and then answer the question and find the correct pictures .

a chocolate egg hunt
Are we/ you ready for...?
There are lots of... in ...
be careful
not to step on (my plants)
plants starting to grow
promise to be (careful )
It will take them ages to find  my eggs
have hidden
have started
has found
in a plant pot
under a leafy bush
in the branches of the tree
in the middle of the bird bath
behind the ear
in my tummy/in our tummies
little -littler - littlest
hatch - of a young bird, fish, or reptile) emerge from its egg.
The eggs are about to hatch.
Baby chicks are hatching
The chicks are hatched.

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