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English Poetry for Studying Language : Hair Colours by Roann Mendriq


Hello,dear readers!
Today we'll enjoy reading the humorous poem Hair Colours by Roann Mendriq
What is your favourite hair colour? Have you ever dyed it? Why did you do this : to hide your age or to be fashionable? In this witty poem the author answers these questions.

 So, let's read, learn and enjoy!

  Today’s trendy women
Like highlights in their hair,
Of hues that range from Burgundy
to Honey blonde, they dare.

Purple streaks are much preferred,
in swirls of Pink and Red;
A crown of Blonde is interspersed
with a single bright Green thread.

But me, I tend to vacillate,
And dare not be so bold,
I much prefer my Silver locks
to Honey Brown or Gold.

So its silver highlights that I’m wearing,
And I’ll wear them with much pride,
I’ll age with grace and gently,
My silver hair I won’t hide!


  • highlights - pieces of hair that are a lighter colour than the rest
  • hues - colours
  • dare - if you dare to do something, you are not afraid to do it, even though it may be dangerous or shocking or may cause trouble for you

  • a streak - a line or long mark on something that is a different colour from the colour surrounding it

  • a swirl - a pattern or object formed by something moving in a circle

  • vacillate - to keep changing your ideas about something

  • intersperse - to put something in various places in or among something else

  • be bold - confident and not afraid of people

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