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Difficulties of English spelling (+ poem)

                                                  Hello,dear readers!

How is your English studying?  Do you think English is a difficul- to-learn language?

As you know, we often see the same letters, but ,to our surprise, we should read them in different ways: cut - put, read - read (past) girl -imagine, etc.

 But English has  also got so- called silent letters, the letters which we can see, but mustn't say . You surely can name a lot of such words, here are some of them: night, ball,sea,although, autumn . For  beginners these words are the real problem! We know that this is the remindings  of the historical process in the  language, however, it doesn't make the process of studying English esier.

Maybe one of the long-suffering English learners created this poem . It is devoted to silent letters. The author tries to imagine how  we can  gather all the silent letters and use them for creating   words and phrases .
 Do you think, it's possible?
Seen But Not Heard
by Geoff Weilert

Maybe, it's just me
But it sound quite absurd
To have letters in words
That are seen but not heard.

I have this idea
Which can't be dispelled,
That those aberrant words
Someone long ago misspelled.

These misspelled words
Before anyone could sight'em
Throughout all the years
Were repeated ad infinitum.

So words now have letters,
That seem quite out of place
And serve no other purpose
Than taking up space.

The silent letters
Where ere they occurred
I now gather up
To make the first silent word.

So watch real closely
The reason's because,
I might be using that word
Whenever I pause.

Silent sentences or paragraphs
I would like to convey
But the problem arises,
That I really can't say.

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