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Summer English- Studying Strategy

 Summer has come, we had been waiting it for a long time and now  everyone is happy. This time is considered to be for rest. From our school time we have loved the words summer holidays with all our heart, haven’t we?

This time is for changing the usual rhythm of our life and meeting  new challenges. But, don’t you forget that you are studying English?

You have been working hard for….. months.  Someone may think at last it’s time to stop and have a rest. My dear learners, your hard work  certainly  must be prized !However, you shouldn't stop learning: you should change the methods of studying.

These are my recommendations:

1.   Summer is the best time for  organizing the information you have already learnt: revise the vocabulary and grammar. Do you remember everything?
2.    You should check the playlist of English songs in your phone or tablet. Do you clearly hear and understand all the words and phrases from the songs you knew well in December or March?

3.   Please, add new songs to this list at least twice a month. While listening them, you’ll reach some goals : you’ll get a wider vocabulary, you’ll make your listening skills better, and you'll revise grammar rules.

You ,certainly, can do more different activities if you have time and desire: read newspapers and books, learn poems by heart, see videos, swot up grammar rules, travel to any of English-speaking countries and stay there for some months, chat with new friends on Skype, etc.

 But, I state again, you should do this if you want to. To my mind, listening English – language songs is the easiest, cheapest and the most pleasant way to stay in touch with English while you are on holidays.

And< please, don’t forget to visit this site as often as possible! I’ll work for you in summer, my dear learners !

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