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Using songs for teaching English

Boys are singing a love song
Boys sing the famous Beatles song YESTERDAY
Song is a great source  of inspiration for learning English. As a rule, students of different ages  are interested in  old and modern English songs. How can a song  be useful for studying English?

First of all, you can learn new vocabulary.  Songs always touch upon the up-to-date  problems, that’s why they  introduce  the alive vocabulary. Usually they contain the colloquial words and phrases. But  there are  phrasal verbs,  idioms and a lot of emotional adjectives, adverbs and verbs in songs. Try to memorize them, it’s a great way to expand your own vocabulary.

Besides this, songs can be also used for studying grammar. However, songs often give us examples of  "live" grammatical constructions, so- called "shrinking and linking" structures.

No doubt, songs are very important for developing  listening and speaking skills.  Students should  listen to songs everywhere and every time they are free.  It is the most common way to hear " real English". Don't forget to repeat the words, sing  songs aloud  ,try to use the phrases from your favourite songs in everyday conversations.As you can see, it is an easy and pleasant way to improve your English.

 And last but not least, singing songs makes your mood better. You can sing alone or with your friends and become a more experienced and confident learner .

So, listen,sing,enjoy! 

As for me, I like to use songs for teaching English. I'm sure songs make it interesting,motivated and fruitful . 
My pupils take part in the Eglish show

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