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Enjoy English: Beauty of Nature (vocabulary)

beautiful landscape

There are a lot of interesting words for describing the beauty of nature. Sometimes it's difficult for students to memorise them. To help them I creat this rhyme, which we read as a rap  using a rhythmic melody. My students like this idea, and what about you?

river and flowers

Beautiful nature,
Picturesque view,
Marvelous landscape
All around you.

Wide open spaces,
Stunning countryside,
Towering mountains,
Woody hillsides.


Admire and discover,
And wander through
A dramatic coastline
just in front of you.

Feel the warmth of air,
stroll through the gardens,
enjoy majestic beauty
of landscapes around.

house-in the countryside

Have a breathing space,
gaze up at the mountains,
enjoy enchanting waterfalls
by them we are inspired!

waterfall in the forest

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