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Teaching English : Projects

Method of projects helps teachers to create the situation of success for each of his students, involve them in atmosphere of English speaking society, its traditions and culture.

As for me, I like to use this method for all ages of my pupils. This method gives students independence in choosing the sources of the information, and forms of its presentation. If the theme of the project is interesting for pupils, they work with the great inspiration, that undoubtedly increase students motivation . Of course, pupils always use additional sources of information , analyze, compare , leaving most important and entertaining .

This year my pupils did the interesting project “Hot Cross Buns ” .
I must tell you that I have 14 girls and only 6 boys in my group aged 16. So while studying the unite “British Food” we read a lot of information about traditional British cuisine. And the girls asked me if they could bake Hot cross buns. I took this like a joke. But coming next lesson into the classroom I saw this picture.

Two groups of girls used different recipes and baked these traditional Easter buns!

They passionately talked about how they were searching for the right recipe in the Internet, the ingredients they had used, how their mothers and grandmothers had helped them with their advice about baking. And- that was the most important thing- they were very proud of the results of their cooking! The buns were really tasty! The boys and I were glad to try this tasty project! But the exciting atmosphere in our classroom was the most pleasant for me!

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