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Past Continuous

How to form Past Continuous

Today we'll learn a new verb tense. It is Past Continuous .
As you can see in the table ,the formula of this tense is to be Ving. As it is the past tense, we should use the past forms of the auxiliary verb to be : was or were and the main verb in ing -form Ving.

 We use the past continuous:

  • for the action wchich was in progress at a state time in the past. We don't mention when the action started or finished.
They were having afternoon tea at half past four .

  • for the action which was in progress when another action interrupted it. We use past continuous for the action in progress (longer action) and the past simple for the action that intrrupted it.

 He was jogging in the park, when a squirrel crossed his way!

  • for two or more simultaneous past actions.
      Mary was trying  her dresses on and Bob was patiently waiting for her.

  • to describe the atmosphere, setting ,etc. in the introduction to the story, before we describe the main events 

It was sunny morning. David and his friends were sailing along the coast,enjoying the wonderful weather. The light breeze was blowing across the bay.

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