четверг, 3 апреля 2014 г.

Teaching English: Interesting techniques

It is a great icebreaker!  It can be adapted for topic and level as you like.
Each student needs a piece of paper and a pen. Tell them to write the numbers 1-6 down one side.  You will do this too.  Next to each number you are going to tell them what to write:
  1. The first name of your favourite actor
  2. What job you wanted to have when you were little
  3. Where you would like to go on holiday
  4. Have you been to an English-speaking country?
  5. The number of years you have been learning English
  6. Your least favourite activity
Everyone’s paper should look something like this:
  1. Dustin
  2. Fashion Designer
  3. Vietnam
  4. Yes
  5. 34
  6. tidying my room
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