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Amazing poem for studying English!

Lady in the shoe shop
Painter Richard MacNeil

Today I'd like  to share this awesome poem with my readers. I'm sure it will be useful both for teachers and learners. Just read it and you'll be impressed with the rich vocabulary of this poem. Clothes, parts of body, shopping, verbs,emotions -these are the topics studying which you can use this poem. Isn't it amazing?
And moreover, it's really funny and entertaining!
So, read,learn, enjoy!

William Allen Butler


Miss Flora McFlimsey, of Madison Square, 

Has made three separate journeys to Paris; 
And her father assures me, each time she was there, 
That she and her friend Mrs. Harris 
(Not the lady whose name is so famous in history, 
But plain Mrs. H., without romance or mystery) 
Spent six consecutive weeks without stopping, 
In one continuous round of shopping;-- 
Shopping alone, and shopping together, 
At all hours of the day, and in all sorts of weather: 
For all manner of things that a woman can put 
On the crown of her head or the sole of her foot, 
Or wrap round her shoulders, or fit round her waist, 
Or that can be sewed on, or pinned on, or laced, 
Or tied on with a string, or stitched on with a bow, 
In front or behind, above or below;
For bonnets, mantillas, capes, collars, and shawls; 
Dresses for breakfasts, and dinners, and balls; 
Dresses to sit in, and stand in, and walk in, 
Dresses to dance in, and flirt in, and talk in; 
Dresses in which to do nothing at all; 
Dresses for winter, spring, summer, and fall,-- 
All of them different in color and pattern, 
Silk, muslin, and lace, crape, velvet, and satin, 
Brocade, and broadcloth, and other material 
Quite as expensive and much more ethereal: 
In short, for all things that could ever be thought of,

Or milliner, modiste, or tradesman be bought of, 

From ten-thousand-francs robes to twenty-sous frills; 
    In all quarters of Paris, and to every store: 
    While McFlimsey in vain stormed, scolded, and swore. 
They footed the streets, and he footed the bills. 
foot the streets - walk

foot the bills - to pay for something that is expensive or that someone else should be paying for

Painter Berni Parker
Painter Berni Parker

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