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Lesson Plan : The Home of My Dream

The  Home of My Dream

English town


1.Start the lesson with the song "Home on the range"
Ask students to complete the lyrics of the song  with the missing words. 
 American animals

1st Verse:
Oh, give me a…., where the buffalo roam,                              home
Where the deer and the antelope…,                                         play     
Where seldom is … a discouraging ...,                                      heard, word
And the skies are not  … all day.                                             cloudy
Home …  on the range,                                                              home
Where the deer and the antelope….,
Where seldom is ….a discouraging …
And the skies are not …. all day.
Where the … is so pure and the zephyrs so free                      air
The breezes so balmy and …                                                   light
 That I would not exchange my  … on the range                    home
 For all of the … so bright                                                        cities

2. Discussion
What is this song about?  What do people feel singing it?

3. Remind the pupils the famous sayings and proverbs about home :
  • East or west- home is best.
  • Home, sweet home
  • No places like home
  • My home is my castle …
4. Inform the   pupils about   different types of  houses in Britain ,show them the most common  houses which they can see in Britain and America and  learn new words which English people use  to name them:
british houses

-Terraced houses are built in a row or joined on to others to form a street, or a square or a circus.
-Semi-detached houses are two houses joined together by one common wall and probably with common chimney stacks.
-A bungalow is a fairly modern house built on only one level. Old people prefer living in such houses.
-A cottage is a small, usually old house in the country.

- A flat is a set of rooms for living in, usually on one floor of a large building. The usual American word is apartment.
-A large, grand house is a mansion.

5 . Discussing. Comparing British and traditional house of your country.
What’s this? Is it a typical British house? Do Ukrainians live in such houses nowadays?
 It will be very interesting to know  where you live : in  a house or in a flat and where you would like to live.

6. Developing writing skills.

a) Vocabulary work
 Look at the picture of the house and remind the House words

a plan of the house

2. garden
5. roof
8. birdhouse
9. path

10. gate
11 hedge
15 malebox
16. garage
17. swimming pool

Living room
Workout room
Laundry room
Recreation room
Dining room

 b)  Reading and making the plan of the composition

   My dream house is located about few kilometers from the big city, in a very picturesque place near the endless river. I dream about place like this because I prefer clean fresh air and unpolluted water. It is a very cozy, comfortable, well planned detached house with lots of big windows.
    If you asked me about the rooms, I must say that I don’t need many of them, but  all the rooms are  large and light. The modern front door opens into a wide hall, where you can see many exotic flowers and mirrors. The bedrooms are very large, comfortable and elegant as well. There are soft, huge beds and many antique things there. It makes me feel comfortable. By the way, every bedroom has a bathroom and a  toilet, which are spacious and modern. There is no question that the accent of the house is a living room, because it is the place where I can relax, watch TV, listen to music or just sit and look at the fire. And I also have a big kitchen in my dream house. The kitchen must be light and have all modern equipment such as huge fridge, microwave, modern oven, and dishwasher. Oh, and some words about the furniture. It is so comfortable and elegant!
 Outside the house I would like to have a beautiful shady garden to spend free time listening birds’ songs and leaves rustling ,a front garden with rose bushes and large lawn. And there is  a swimming pool next to my house. It’s so nice to swim in it in a hot summer day. And as the modern life is impossible without cars ,  I need the garage.
  That’s all about my dream house. I hope, that one day my dreams will come  true. It would be great to live in the  house like this.

c) The plan :
1.      Introduction (The type of the house, the place)
2.      The main part:
·         Inside the house
·         Outside the house
3.      Conclusion.

d)  Now ask pupils to make notes about the dream house. Pupils can use the table :

1.What type of house would you like to have /to live in?

a   bungalow
a cottage
a detached hose
semi-detached house
a flat
a   mansion
Nice and cozy
Well planed
Fully- equipped

2.Where is your dream house situated? Why?

Use phrases because   or    that’s why

I prefer modern style of living, that’s why I would like to live in a big city.
I would like to live in a big city because I prefer modern style of living.

  • In a city center
  • next to the ocean/sea
  • in a very picturesque place
  • near the endless river/ bottomless lake.
  • in a small town
  • In the countryside
  • at edge of city or a village
  •  I prefer quiet places where you can really relax
  • have a great view of the ocean/sea
  • I want to be close to nature
  • I prefer clean fresh air and unpolluted water
  • I really love active modern way of living
  • It’s easy to get anywhere you wish
  • I love gardening

3.What is there inside your dream house?

don’t need many rooms
really high ceilings
 large and light
comfortable and elegant
spacious and modern
portraits of family members
exotic flowers
the fireplace
Spanish tile
Furniture (modern, comfortable, stylish, , elegant)
Mirrors, clocks, paintings
many antique things

Home cinema
sports hall with all modern and expensive sports equipment
huge fridge, microwave, modern oven, dishwasher
the Internet and computer
  4. What is there outside your dream house?

  5. Conclusion.Recommend to use the phrases like these:
1. I hope that one day my dreams will come  true.
2.It would be great to live in a house which is in my dreams.
3.One day my dream will come true, and I will have everything I ever want or need.
4. I know my dream will only come true if I work very hard .

7.Listen to pupils stories about their dream houses.

8. Psychologist’s test. (If you have a psychologist at school he can explain the pupils' dreams and you will get more information about them)

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  2. It’s refreshing to read a good quality article for a change. You’ve made many interesting points and I agree. This has made me think and for that I thank you.
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