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Enjoy English Poetry: A KISS IN THE RAIN

 For poetry lovers.
Love and rain are extremely common in spring. 
And what can be more romantic than kiss in the rain ?
Let's read and enjoy this marvelous poem!
Richard MacNeil

One stormy morn I chanced to meet 

    A lassie in the town; 
Her locks were like the ripened wheat, 
    Her laughing eyes were brown.

I watched her as she tripped along 

    Till madness filled my brain, 

And then--and then--I know 'twas wrong-- 
    I kissed her in the rain! 

With rain-drops shining on her cheek, 
    Like dew-drops on a rose, 
The little lassie strove to speak 
    My boldness to oppose; 
She strove in vain, and quivering 
    Her fingers stole in mine; 
And then the birds began to sing, 
    The sun began to shine. 

Oh, let the clouds grow dark above, 
    My heart is light below; 
'Tis always summer when we love, 
    However winds may blow; 
And I'm as proud as any prince
    All honors I disdain: 
She says I am her rain beau since 
    I kissed her in the rain. 

                         Samuel Minturn Peck.

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