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Infinitive or Gerund? Gerund (-ing form)

Hello dear learners!
This is lesson #2 about infinitive and gerund. Lesson#1 Infinitive is here.Today we'll talk about gerund or -ing form.There are two -ing forms in English. They are participle and gerund. They have the same spelling but different meanings and using. Let's compare:

Reading is my favourite hobby (gerund)
I am reading a book now. (participle)

We have already learnt participles at the lessons devoted to the Continuous verbs here and here, and we'll learn more in our future lessons. But today we are talking about gerund.

Gerund is a verb form which often acts as a noun. To form a gerund use the rules for participle1:take a bare infinitive and add -ing: watch- watching, play-playing, slate-skating, fly-flying, run-running. but! be-being.
 Note: being.This verb  has got a gerund being, but hasn't got a participle1.
2. modal verbs haven't got gerunds.

Gerund is used without an auxiliary verb, so you can easily recognize the gerund in the sentences:
She like dancing (G) She is dancing now.(P1)
As it was said before, gerund is mainly used as a noun. Here are the main rules of its using:
- as a subject
Riding a bike is useful and pleasant hobby.
- after love, like,dislike, prefer, enjoy, hate.
She hates doing homework.
- after prepositions.
They spent a lot of money on travelling abroad.
-after some verbs ( students should memorise the list of these verbs ):
forgive,go ( for activity), imagine,involve, keep (continue), mention, mind, miss, postpone, practise,prevent, quit, recallect, report,recent, resist, risk, save, stand, suggest,tolerate, understand,
They kept discussing this problem .- after the expressions such as
I'm busy, It's worth, It's good, what's the use of, can't help, can't stand, look forward to,What about? How about? have difficulty in,  there is no point in,
I'm looking forward to hearing  from you soon.
 London is worth visiting!

Do you know the meanings of these phrases?

can't stand - dislike  someone or something extremely.
can't help Ving-  not able not to do something
be worth Ving -  you should do this, it's a good idea to do this
what's the use of  Ving - what is the benefit of doing smth.
look forward to -  to anticipate something with pleasure.

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