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Comparisons of Adjectives : Main Rules

Hello, dear learners!

Today we are going to  study some interesting rules of  using adjectives and their comparative and superlative forms.


  Comparisons of adjectives ( main rules):

  • For comparisons adjectives have two forms : comparative and superlative.
We use comparative degree + than   to compare a person or a thing with another person or a thing 
February is colder than March.
His car is more expencive than mine.

  • We use the +superlative degree of adjectives  + of/ in  for comparing one person or thing with more than one person or thing.
 Nick is the tallest in our group.
To my mind, London is the most desirable city in the world.
Ann is the kindest of all my friends.

Formation of comparisions of adjectives
  • One-syllable adjectives add -er/est to form their comparative or superlative forms:
  • Two-syllable adjectives ending -ly,-y, -w also add -er/ -est
  •  Adjectives of two or more syllables take more/ most 
interesting-more interesting- most interesting


  • Adjectives  real, right, wrong  form their degrees with more and most
real-more real,  most real
  • Some one-syllable and two-syllable adjectives of abstract meaning such as clever, common, clear, gentle, safe,  true, free,wise,etc. form their comparative and superlative forms with -er/-est or more/ most
wise-wiser-wises or more wise- most wise
  • The comporative and superlative form of adjectives ending in -ing, -ed, -ful, -less are formed with more/ most
trilling-more thrilling- most thrilling
bored-more bored -most-bored

Don't forget!
There are some irregular adjectives in English. Their comparative and superlative forms are:
much -more-most
far-further/father -furthest/farthest

 The examples were taken from the  Daily Mail. You can read the article here:

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