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Infinitive or Gerund?

Hello dear learners!
We have already learnt such verb forms as infinitive and gerund .

Do you know that some English verbs can be followed by either the to infinitive or the gerund (- ing form). But in this case there is a change in their meaning.

forget+to infinitive = not remember
He forgot to send me a  letter.
forget + gerund = forget the past event
I couldn't forget meeting you!

remember + to infinitive = remember to dosomething
She remembers to send us her new works.
remember +gerund= recall a past event
I remember flying to Moscow, and you?

Try + to infinitive= do one's best
Our teachers try to explain us the rules of English language.
try+ gerund= do something as an experiment
Why don't you try doing something else?
stop+ to infinitive= stop for a while in order to do something else.
Nick stopped to help a girl.
stop+ gerund= finish,give up
Ann stop drinking coffee.She thinks it's not healthy.
regret+ to infinitive= be sorry to  tell/ inform/ say
I regret to tell you the truth.
regret+ gerund= feel sorry about
She regrets wasting her time.
like + to infinitive = think that something is good or right to do.
I like to get up early in the morning.
like + gerund= enjoy
I like reading.

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