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Types of Comparisons

Hello, dear learners!

Today we'll talk about types of comparisons. We started to learn comparisons here. So, let's continue!

as+ adjective +as
not so/ as + adjective + as
His new novel is as interesting as the previous one.
Sam is not so/ as educated as  Max.

twice/three times, etc./half as + adjective+as
Their house is three times as expensive as ours.

prefer +ing form/ noun +to+ ing form + noun
I prefer  reading to going out.
She prefers tea to coffee.

would prefer + to infinitive+ rather than+infinitive without to
I'd prefer to work hard rather than do nothing.

would rather + infinitive without to+than+infinitive without to
I'd rather learn English than watch TV.

less+ adjective+than
the least+ adjective+of/in
 As for me, English is less  difficult than Chinese .
 He is the least hard working of all.

the+ comparative, the+ comparative
The harder you work, the more you'll get .

comparative+ and+comparative
The days are getting shorter and shorter.

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