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Personal Pronouns

Hello,dear learners!
Today we'll study Personal Pronouns.

You ,certainly , know these words:
I, you,he,she,it, we,they. They are called personal  subject pronouns, because they can be used as subjects in  sentences.

Also,there are object personal nouns in English:

Subject pronouns go before verbs as subjects and object pronouns go after verbs or prepositions as objects.
He loves her. We went to visit them.

We use he and she when talk about people: he to replace a noun refers to a male and she to replace a noun refers to a female.
Our teacher is an great narrator. He knows a lot of unusual stories.
Ann is my best friend. She is so kind and tolerant.

We use it to replace the nouns when we talk about animals or things.
Sometimes we can use he or she for animals when we identify their gender (  talking about pets or faire tales characters),ships or other  .

We use it as the subject to talk about weather, distance,temperature and time. It is also used  in  such expression:It seems/appear that; It is said that;  It doesn't matter,etc

It's late. It's far from here. It seems he is a true friend.

We use it when talk about something that has already been made clear. We use one when it is not clear which thing in particular we are talking about

Sam bought a new car last week. Have you seen it?
Sam hasn't got a car. He wants to buy one.

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