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Teachers and Teaching


Hello,dear learners!

Today I'd like to share my thoughts about teaching and teachers.I have been a teacher for 30 years and can state, that it is is not a profession, it's a way of life.Only those who love teaching are able to feel how excited this profession is.

No doubt, only well-educated person are to be a TEACHER. If you want to become a teacher,you should do your best to get more knowledge to share them with your future students. And what is more, never stop learning new things. Remember, our students represent a new generation and they love teachers with wide outlook. So,it will be better for you if you   are curious and hard-working.

The real teacher is a tolerant person. There are a lot of  different people around him/ her :students, their parents, colleagues- and it's not always easy to cooperate and communicate with them. However,  if you are patient and tolerant, be sure, you'll soon be among your  friends. You  should only be attentive to  each student you are teaching, take care of him/her and try to help him/ her.

So, a TEACHER is a caring and helpful person. We shouldn't forget,that each of our students needs our attention and respect. You know how cruel life is, and a Teacher have to make it a bit easier for those who suffer at home or at school. Teachers and their students are like a family with strong ties which connect them through years.

What is more, a TEACHER is an interesting personality, active and enthusiastic. He/she can organize parties, excursions, contests, his/her students are always involved in creative activities, they study new things together, they try to make world better, they don't only study a subject, they study the world around. If a teacher is a Teacher his /her students begin to think the way he/ she thinks , because they trust him/ her greatly. This is the most important part of our profession:teachers form the future generation.

As for me, I'm a happy person. I have met a lot of TEACHERS . Some of them were my teachers and helped me to choose the profession , some of them are my colleagues. Each of them taught me their lessons of selfless devotion to this profession.

A letter to a first year teacher:

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