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Prefixes. Word Building

Hello,dear learners!
Today we'll talk about word building in English. And we'll start with the list of prefixes. 
Do you know what prefixes are? These are the syllables which are added before a word to form a new word. The meaning of a newformed word depends on the prefix which was added.

anti -   against ( antibacterial)
bi -      two        (bilingual)
co -      with        (co-producer)
ex -      previous  (ex-president)

inter-  between  (intercity)
mis-    done wrongly or badly   (misunderstand)
mono -one   ( monotonous)
multi- many   (multicultural)
non -   not        (non-fat  (food or drink))
out -    more, better   (outnumber)
over -  done to a great extent  (overcooked)
post -   after       (post-impressionist)
pre-      before       (pre-reading (task))
pro-      in favoour of  (pro-European)
re -       again         (reread (read one more time))
semi-   half      (semi-circle)
sub-     under     (subway)
super - more   (superman)
trans- (travel) from one side   to another (trans-Atlantic)
under - not enough   (underdone)

Can you find the words with prefixes we have learnt?
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