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Funny English :Counting Out Rhymes

Today we'll learn English counting out rhymes.
When kids gather together they usually  start a game with a special rhymes,called counting out rhymes. They need them to decide who will be "it" Children in any country have got a lot of such rhymes!
As ESL teachers like playing games at the lessons and after classes , they also use the counting out rhymes. 
What is the other reason to use them at the lesson? They are an essential part of English folklore. And for those who learn English it's the one more possibility to become a real English speaker!
 I use these rhymes  for organize our class games
Do you know other interesting ones? It will be great if you share them in the comment section!

So, let's read and enjoy!

One wave
Up and down,
Two waves –
Gold crown,
Three waves –
I can see
A mermaid princess
In the sea!

Find more here

Ickle, Pickle, Puckle, Buckle,
Shuckle in my shoe.
Mickle, Muckle, Nickle, Nuckle,
Out go you.

 Xmas pudding, Xmas tree,
Xmas time is gay and free.
Xmas bells sing «ding-dong»,
It's a merry Xmas song!

 If you guess
Say «yes».
If you don't know
Say «no».
If you doubt
Go out!

How many zebras
Can you see?
Mummy, daddy, baby –

One, two, three!

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