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Would like to - Like doing

Hello, dear learners!

We have already talked about using like in the question What +to be + subject+like. Today we'll learn the differences in meaning and using of like (love) in phrases like(love) doing  and would like(love) to do

What do they mean?
Like doing /love doing  expresses one's general enjoyment or preference;
would like/love to do    expresses a preference to do something now or at the specific time.

I like reading. (I enjoy it) I would like to read this book. (I want to read this book).
We often use the contractions of this phrase :  She'd like to /  I'd like to / We'd like to

Nick likes skiing. (Skiing is his hobby.)
He would like to go skiing with his friends. (He wants to do this)



Hope, you have paid your attention to that we have to use ing- form for expressing the general enjoyment : like/love doing, and to infinitive for expressing the preference at the specific time: would like/love to do

Short answers

Would you like a cup of tea?
Yes, please./Yes,I would./ Yes, I'd love to.

Would you like some coffee?
No, thank you.

The answer No, I wouldn't  is considered  impolite ,so it isn't commonly used .

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