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Teaching English : Genki English


 Hello, dear colleagues!

Today I'd like to recommend you this article about a new ESL teaching method - Genki English.
So, let's read and learn.  It would be interesting to know your thoughts about it. I'll be happy to read them in the comments sections. I think, it's time to get acquainted! :)

About Genki English

Richard Graham founded, a provider of teaching materials and training based on the Japanese concept of “Genki”. He is now working with the University of Newcastle in the UK to bring this “Genkiness” to schools for low income families in India, China and Africa as well as working with the British Council in Japan.

The Genki approach to learning English works by engaging all of the learners senses and appealing to a wide range of learning styles. Children are engaged visually through the simple but striking graphics, aurally/orally through the simple chants and songs and limited amounts of graded vocabulary input and kinaesthetically through the actions and games.

Because all of the learning tasks are organised as game-like activities, children are immediately motivated to take part. Tasks are achievable and learners receive positive feedback throughout the learning process. It is important that teachers realise that just using the materials is not enough, the way the materials are used are just as important to fully engage learners and maximise learning.

You can read and learn more here 

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