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Children's Poems and Songs:The Rainbow

the-rainbow -in-the-sky Hello, dear learners!
Have you seen the rainbow this summer? It is amazing, isn't it?

These poems and the song will help  your kids to memorize the colours of the rainbow. And they also can be used for summer kids' party. I wrote the poems for my youngest pupils.

The rainbow in the sky
Is hanging so high.
Its seven colours
you should memorize:
Green, blue, indigo
Have you memorized?
Let’s revise!
Red, orange,yellow,
Green, blue, indigo

Do you know that there is an easy way to memorize the order of rainbow colours , you should recite this phrase:
"Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain".  
The first letters of each word will help you to name the colours R-red, O-orange, Y-yellow,
G-green, B-blue, I-indigo, V-violet
color (Am. E.) -colour (Br.E) 

What is the rainbow like?
It is bright!
What is the rainbow like?
It is light!
What is the rainbow like?
It is divine!
The raindrops and sunshine
Are combined.

At the end let's sing a nice song:

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