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Asking for Description :what + to be + subject + like

Hello dear learners!

Today we're going to learn how to use the grammar structure What + verb to be + subject+ like.
We often hear  the question :What is the weather like today?
 However, many students don't know that the grammar structure What + verb to be + subject+ like can be used with other subjects.

What is the meaning of the structure What + verb to be + subject+ like?

 It means that you ask somebody to describe something or somebody.
What is Paris like?  It is  unique and amazing !
What is the food like there?  It is delicious.
What are people like? They are kind and friendly,they're always ready to help.

Like in these sentences is a preposition, not a verb. Don't confused it with the verb to like. If like is a verb, in a sentence there is an auxiliary verb and in the answer we have to use like:
What do you like?  I like travelling and reading.
 What did you like there?  I liked  the parks there.

Be attentive!
We shouldn't use like in the answers for the sentences with What + verb to be + subject+ like :

What is Paris like? It is like unique and amazing!
                                It is unique and  amazing !

As you can see, we use verb to be in this structure, so, we can change its tenses using its forms

What was the weather like?
What was the hotel like?

Now you're ready to ask questions about your friends'  last vacations, aren't you?

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