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Reading :What Can Destroy the True Love (a funny poem)

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Hello,dear readers!

Today we'll read, learn and enjoy the funny poem The One by Vernon Waring.

 The poem  is built with two contrasting  parts, so we'll find new adjectives which have positive and negative meanings, and they're  used  as antonyms in it. 
Here's the example of antonyms : tender  -eerie
Can you continue the list?

The One
I held her in my arms
And kissed her tenderly
I knew our love would last
Throughout eternity

She was the sweetest girl
So lovely, fair and fun
I blessed the day we met
I knew she was the one

And then she fell asleep
This angel I adored
A smile graced her face
As she began to snore

The sound would wake a dead man
So eerie was her roar
I could only ponder
Where is the exit door?

I thought she was so special
This girl was mine for keeps
But that could only happen
If she never fell asleep

It was our final date that night
I said "farewell" with poise
I'll never forget my one true love
...Or that unbelievable noise

The vocabulary to describe the true love:

to adore - to love someone very much 
to grace - to make something more attractive, pleasing, or interesting
(to kiss)  tenderly
tenderly - gentle in a way that shows that you care about someone or something
love which can last throughout eternity
eternity - the whole of time, with no beginning and no end (вечность)
the beloved girl can be : the sweetest, the one, the angel,lovely,fair, fun, special,for keeps
for keeps (informal) - for ever, or for always (навсегда)

The vocabulary to describe the thing which can destroy the true love:
to snore - to breathe with a  grunting sound while asleep (храпеть).

eerie - strange and frightening  (жуткий)
roar - a full, deep, prolonged cry uttered by a lion or other large wild animal (рёв)
to ponder - to think carefully about something

unbelievable (informal) -  used for emphasizing how good, bad, impressive etc something is

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