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Teaching Methods : Using the Internet for Teaching

Hello, dear colleagues!

Today I’d like to share my idea how to make the process of reading and discussing of any story more interesting for our pupils. It’s not a secret, that our pupils are not  enthusiastic readers, they have a lot of different sources of information and, no doubt, the Internet is the main of them. Nowadays it is possible not to read a book, but  watch the film or even read the comments in the Net, and that’s all.

This year I decided to combine the love to social nets with the lessons of reading.I had a group of kids aged 11.When my pupils had read the story about the early years of the king Arthur and learnt the vocabulary, I asked them to create a profile of Arthur in their favourite social net.

In my country Vkontakte is the most popular net for teens and I know they spend a lot of time in it.  They were really excited to make a profile for the literary character. However, they had a lot of questions about how to do this project, what they can and must write and draw in it, and if it must be the Internet project. I tried to answer the questions and, all in all, we decided that  the task is really interesting and funny.

Next lesson they showed their works to the classmates. I was really surprised with the kids' imagination and creativity. These are some quotes from their works: 
- I live in England, in the castle of sir Ector
- Merlin taught me.
- I’m very glad that I became the king. Can’t believe this!

Summing up the benefits of this kind of work I can state that while doing the project, my pupils revised a lot of English words, drew pictures, gave the brief summary of the legend, and learnt more about England and its history.

I’m sure, your kids will also like this type of project work!

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