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Grammar. Passive Voice: 5 Important Rules You Have to Know

Hello,dear learners!
This is the third lesson about the Passive voice. The previous ones are here #1, #2

Today we'll learn 5 important rules  about the  using  the passive  verb forms.

1.Some verbs take two objects in the active sentences. They are :

 bring,tell,send,show,teach,promise, buy, write give,take ,etc. We can make two different passive sentences with them:

Ann showed me a wonderful picture.
1. I was shown a wonderful picture by Ann.
2.A wonderful picture was shown me by Ann.

 2.The passive infinitive ( to be+ V3) is used after modal auxiliary verbs and other verbs which are followed by an infinitive.

1. You can do it yourself.(active)  - It can be done by yourself. (passive)
2.They are going to paint the room . (active) - The room is going to be painted.

 3. Let changes to be allowed to in the passive.

My parents let me invite friends to my birthday party. ( active)
I am allowed to invite friends to my birthday party.(passive)

4.The agent is often ommited in the passive sentence if the subject in the active sentence is one of the following words : people, one, someone, sombody, they, he, etc.

People cleaned the  old park. (active)  -  The old park was cleaned. (passive)

5. For questions in the passive  we follow the same rules as for the active sentences.

Has she read this book? (active) - Has this book been read?(passive)

When it is Who question  we cannot ommit by:

Who wrote this book? (active) - Who was this book written by?

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