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English Reading : Summer Time by Jade Storm (+ vocabulary)

Alex- Lashkevich
Painter Alex Lashkevich

Hello, dear readers!

Summer is a gorgeous season. There are a lot of amazing poems and paintings about it. I'd like you to enjoy the magnificent poem and the splendid picture.


Don't forget to  learn a new summer vocabulary, it's really useful !











Summer Time by Jade Storm

Like several bottles spilled their ink,
which created a beautiful canvas
of navy, purple, red, and pink.
That streaked across the dusty clouds
until the night that crashes down.

And when it does I'll rest my weary eyes
before counting green speckled fireflies.
That dance and sway like a performing art
and flicker in a constant motion
like the beating of lovers' bewitched hearts.

There I lie sleeping in my bed
with whirling winds above my head,
dreaming of the day, and how it went
to walk the braided forest trail
beneath the shade of a floral tent.

To walk alone on this forsaken land
with my little basket filled
and my fishing pole at hand.
To watch the deer go from here to yonder
and listen to birds sing songs of wander.

Lying in a bed of crumpled flowers
'neath the warmth of a mid-day sun,
listening to the woodlands for hours;
to drift into fairy-tale dreams:
The summer season has begun.

streacked - cover (a surface) with streaks (c прожилками)
weary = tired (утомленный)
fireflies - beetles that  have luminescent organs (светлячки)
bewitched - cast a spell on and gain control over (someone) by magic (очарованный)
whirling -  moving rapidly around and around
braided (braid) to twist fibres around each other to make rope or braid (плетенный)
forsaken -deserted
yonder - at some distance in the direction indicated; over there.(вон там)
to crumple (crumpled) -to crush (something, typically paper or cloth) so that it becomes creased and wrinkled (мять-мятый)

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