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The levels of English proficiency + The Oxford 3000

Hello, dear readers!

Today we’ll talk about the English levels . Each student want to know how well he knows English, how many words he needs to start f communicate with native speakers fluently.

There are six levels of  English proficiency. Here they are.


Beginner level .

 It includes the basic  English. A student can  read  simple texts, talk in few words about himself and his everyday activity, and also  maintain a simple dialogues on everyday topics.

The  vocabulary of this level  is less than 600 words.

Elementary level (or basic).

The demands of this  level are: a fluent reading of elementary texts, and knowledge of common grammatical constructions. Vocabulary is about 1,000 words. Good pronunciation is also considered necessary at this level.
It’s very useful to do more listening and writing exercises for developing one’s listening and writing skills.

Level Pre-intermediate.
At the pre-intermediate level you learn more complex grammar constructions,   develop the spoken language   and listening comprehension. The vocabulary grows to 2000 words.

Intermediate level.
This level  begins the so-called Conversational English. It implies free communication on the everyday topics, knowledge of all the existing forms of  English verbs and vocabulary is at least 3000 words.
It is recommended to read books in the original, watch movies, listen to music, to make the language more fluent and natural.  From the level of intermediate a student  can start preparing for the  international exams for working or studying  abroad.

 Upper-intermediate level
is  for those who speak English fluently . It implies an easy understanding of a  foreign speech while hearing, including an understanding of television and radio programs. The student is able to freely express his opinions  in everyday and more formal situations. Vocabulary expands to 4-5 thousand words.

Level Advanced (free). This is the highest level. It implies you know the language as a native speaker.

At the end of this article, I'd like to recommend you to visit this page The Oxford 3000. This is a list of the most popular words foreigners should to know . But be careful: you shouldn't memorise all this words, it's better to learn them gradually through reading, listening, speaking and writing every day.

So, read,learn,enjoy! Good luck!

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