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ESL reading for studying English : Silent Protest by Vernon Waring

                                                                                     Hello,dear readers!

Reading this funny poem,   we 'll learn  two groups of synonyms, they are  :
  •     to be quiet,hushed,silent,shushed;

  •     pure,unadulterated

and the pair of antonyms: silence - noise.

As you can see, this short poem is  very useful for any English learner. 
So, let's read, learn,enjoy!

Silent Protest

by Vernon Waring

In church pews I am quiet
In libraries I'm hushed
At grave sites I am silent
In theaters I am shushed

In hospital halls I whisper
The epitome of poise
But frankly what I'd welcome now
Is some pure unadulterated NOISE!

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  1. Allo f them are very useful info and well working Thanks a lot for sharing with us


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