четверг, 15 мая 2014 г.

Studying English : Motivation

Today let’s talk about raising motivation to studying English.

As for my country, it is far from English speaking societies, and what is more , it is culturally and economically isolated from English speaking world. So, very often the teachers have the difficulties with engaging students to study  English.

The students refuse to study English because they are sure they won’t use it in future, so they needn't to  study it today. It's just waste of time for them.
I don't know if my colleagues have  such a problem, but I have.That’s why I decided to make my students think   where they can  hear,read and speak   English at present.

The pupils thought a bit and gave me such answers:

We can see a lot of English words and phrases

  •  in supermarkets : the labels of cosmetics and perfumes,  drinks and food are often in English;
  • the titles in American and English films
  • in  computer instructions
  • on traffic signs

We can hear English

  • watching films and cartoons
  • listening popular songs
  • playing computer games online with foreign friends (not only from the UK or America)

 We can speak English

  • with a partner in online games
  • with friends  by Skype

When I asked them after this brainstorm  if it was worth studying English nowadays, the answer was yes !

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