суббота, 3 мая 2014 г.

Funny English Quotations

"Mary Poppins" by P. L. Travers is among my favourite books for kids( and not only for them).
It is full of awesome phrases . Let's enjoy this one!

"Now, the City was a place where Mr Banks went every day — except Sundays, of course, and Bank Holidays — and while he was there he sat on a large chair in front of a large desk and made money. All day long he worked, cutting out pennies and shillings and half-crowns and threepenny-bits. And he brought them home with him in his little black bag. Sometimes he would give some to Jane and Michael for their money-boxes, and when he couldn’t spare any he would say, “The Bank is broken,” and they would know he hadn’t made much money that day."

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