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Reading Newspapers for Studying English

newspapers at the lessons
Today we’ll talk about newspapers. They are very important in our life because they inform us of what is going in the world and give us wonderful possibilities for becoming involved citizens.

However , newspapers are the up-to-date textbooks . They give us an outstanding possibility for education. I know some reasons why ESL learners must regularly read English newspapers.

  Here they are:

  • Reading newspapers, you get a lot of useful information about the country, its customs and traditions, the way of living and peculiarities of thinking of the people. I’m sure, that is a very important part of studying language.
  • But certainly, the main task for learner is improving his language skills. Here you should remember that the newspaper articles give us such  a rich vocabulary  that everyone  will  feel himself confident while discussing the latest events with the partners. In addition to this, newspaper language is specific and has a variety of clichés and phrasal verbs which widen the student's  vocabulary.
  • And what is more, you’ll have a chance to read publication of different types: news articles, feature ones, editorials, columns and opinion pieces so you‘ll learn the specific of their styles.
I’m absolutely sure, that the ESL teachers must use the newspaper articles for teaching students. Such work broaden the students’ mind, let them feel they are studying alive language , and create a great motivation to study foreign language.

teaching English

As for me, I use newspapers as often as possible. Here is one example of this work. The article  about the first official portrait of  Duchess of Cambridge  was published in Daily Mail and I used it for my lesson “Painters and Paintings”. It had a great success and pupils were involved in different types of activities (I’ll post the lesson plan next time).They enjoyed this lesson and I was satisfied with the result of my work.

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