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Infinitive or Gerund . Part # 3. Bare Infinitive

Hello, dear learners!
Let's continue to study the verb forms : infinitive and gerund. We began to study this grammar  rules here lesson#1 (The to infinitive form) , here lesson#2(Gerund ) and here
Today we are going to learn the rules of usage of  the bare infinitive form in English'
Hope, you remember, that the  "bare " infinitive form is the form without the particle to
 open, go, play.

The "bare" infinitive is used
  • after modal verbs :can,may,must, should, etc. Learn more about modal verbs  here
She 's only three, but she can read!

note!   ought is used with to infinitive
You ought to respect our rules!
  • after the verbs let, make, see, hear, feel.
This film makes me cry.
I saw her enter the house.
1. the passive forms of these verbs : be seen, be heard, be made - are followed by the to infinitive form:
She was seen  to enter the house.
2. verbs see, hear , watch can  also be followed by the  -ing form
I saw her entering the house.
She was seen entering the house.
  • can / could + see/ hear + - ing form
Ann could see someone opening the  window in the empty house.
  • after would rather and had better
You'd better ask Nick  to help you.
  • The verb help can be followed by the to infinitive or the bare infinitive.
My friends  always help me (to) study English.

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