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Fire,Dismiss , Quit and Other Words to Say that a Person Doesn't Work

Dear learners!
In this vocabulary section we'll learn  the words which are used to say that a person doesn't work.

 to sack- (British informal) to tell someone that they can no longer work at their job
Hundreds of workers are to be sacked at the factory.
The club have sacked their manager.

to dismiss - ( formal) to force someone to leave their job: order or allow to leave; send away.
Edwards claimed that he had been unfairly dismissed.

to fire - (less formal) to make someone leave their job, sometimes as a punishment
She was fired for refusing to comply with safety regulations.
He's the person responsible for hiring and firing.

to resign - to state formally that you are leaving a job permanently
It now seems clear that she will resign her directorship immediately.

to quit - (informal) to leave a job or school permanently
His decision to quit international football has shocked everyone.
She quit after only six months in the job.

to retire - to stop working, especially when you reach the age when you are officially too old to work
retire from:He retired from the army last month.
retire as:Mr Garroway retired as chairman of the historical society in May.

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