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Travelling (vocabulary)


Hello dear readers!
Winter holidays are the great chance to go somewhere and enjoy new places.We have already learnt how to write a letter from a holiday resort

Sometimes,the ESL students are confused with  a large amount of  the "travel" words: travel, journey, trip, voyage, tour. 
Here I'd like to help you to understand the difference in their meanings.

Travel – to go from one place to another by car, train, plane, bus, etc. to go on a journey or visit different places, especially places that are far away from where you live or work
They usually travel in summer.

Use travel correctly:
travel to
travel in/around

travel the world/country
travel by car/bus/train
travel on foot/horseback
travel at 50 miles/100 kilometres etc per hour
 I've been lucky enough to have travelled quite a lot in the Caribbean
A journey an occasion when you travel from one place to another, especially when there is a long distance between the places.
Use journey correctly:
journey to/from/through
start/set out on/set off on a journey
train/car/bus etc journey
outward/return journey (=the journey away from/back to your home)
 It is now two decades since the Eurostar first linked the UK and France by rail. Frank Barrett takes a nostalgic journey to Paris - and wonders if he will bump into Beyonce at the Louvre.

A trip – when you go to a place.usually for a short time , and then come back home.
Use trip correctly:
trip to
a bus/train/boat trip
a trip abroad/overseas
make/undertake a trip
go on/take a trip (=go somewhere for pleasure)
a day trip (=when you go somewhere and come back again on the same day) 
White Desert runs four or five trips per season, hosting an average 48 guests across the trips, with a maximum group size of 12.
 'We've been fully booked for the past three or four years,' says Patrick, revealing that clients often book a year in advance.
 'People like to prepare for a trip like this. And you have to remember, for the sorts of clients we host, to find room in their schedules for an eight-day trip is a big deal.'

A tour- when you visit lots of places in the same city or country.
Use tour correctly:
tour of
walking/coach/bus tour
 Catherine Eade expected her tour of Morocco to include busy markets and urban chaos.

voyage - a long journey, especially by ship or by plane 
voyage of discovery/exploration

Good things in a small-ship package: A glorious voyage to the Norwegian fjords on a boat that doesn't eclipse the fine scenery

Travel is a verb or uncountable noun. If you want to use a countable noun, you should use words journey  or trip!
It was an amazing journey!

You should use go on with words journey, trip and tour.

When you say goodbye to people you can say Have a good journey/ trip.
NOT Have a good travel/tour

All the examples were taken from here

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