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Let's improve our writing skills! A letter from a holiday resort .

Summer is the season when we have our vacations, it means, we have more  time for travelling. We visit fabulous places, try exotic food, do unusual activities. This is often called “summer life”. No doubt, we want to share our feelings and experiences with our friends or readers  of our blogs.

So, we have to learn the rules of writing a letter from a holiday resort describing your staying there.
Hope, you remember main parts of  any English composition! As far as you know, they are:

  •  Introduction.
Here you should greet your friends and inform them where you are staying. 
Hello friends! Greetings from Madrid!
Hi! I’m on holiday in Greece!
 Dear Paul,I’m writing to you from Italy! 
  • Main part includes some points. 
  1.  The first paragraph is about the place you are staying : where it is, what it is like, when you arrived there; accommodation you are staying in;
  2. Then you should describe the weather;
  3. After this you can tell your friends about sights you have visited and activities you have been doing since you arrived;
  4.  Don’t forget to tell your readers about your good and bad experience and your impressions.
  •  Conclusion.Here use phrases like these:
 I’m having so much fun!
I’m having the time of my life!
  • End the letter with such words:
More news later.
Hope to see you soon.

Vocabulary you can use:

Tropical, exciting, intoxicating, sunny, warm, tan, tranquil, lazy, cloudless sky, blue sky and azure water, play, casino, boating, swimming, cool water, warm sunny days, snorkeling, fishing, fresh fish, luscious lobster, colorful tropical fruits, golden coconut rum, placid blue waters, tropical,  fragant, luscious, quiet, relaxed, awesome,  resort I've ever stayed at...

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