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Writing. Describing a person


  We have to follow certain rules when we write a composition. First of all, make  a plan of your composition. There must be  three parts : introduction, main body and conclusion. What should we write in each of these parts?

Here you should introduce the person you are going to write about to your readers, say  who is he or she, why you have decided to write about him/her.

  Main part contains the information requested by the topic. It  is usually divided into some parts (2-5 or more). In our composition we have to include such information:
•    appearance of the person (looks, clothes)
•    his /her character
•    beliefs
•    hobbies and interests.
So, the main body of our composition will include four paragraphs.

Here you  should  write your final comments (if you like this person or not, how dear is he/she to you and why, what you think about him/her)

Vocabulary and style.
•    If you describe your close person, you can use an informal style for your composition. However, vocabulary should be interesting . Avoid boring words  : good, bad ,nice, like, don’t like and so on.
•    Don’t forget that we mustn’t state the negative qualities  of a person. It’s better to say:
He tends to be bossy ./Sometimes he can be bossy.  BUT not : He is bossy.
•    One more  important thing is using linking words:
Ann is sociable and friendly as well, no wonder, she is always surrounded with her friends.

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