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The first official portrait of Duchess of Cambridge

Mail Online published the information, that the first official portrait of Duchess of Cambridge painted by Paul Emsley  was unveiled in the National Portrait Gallery in London on the 11th of January,2013.
This is  head and shoulders portrait where the  Duchess is shown staring directly out of the picture with a ‘serious but serene expression on her face. She is wearing a bottle-green blouse and a pair of earrings that were a wedding gift.

The portrait   provoked a discussion when it was shown .Most of the critics  attacked the picture, saying it looked 'nothing like Kate in real life'. They called the portrait pretty ordinary, and emphasized that she looks older, has  shadows and creases under her eyes,  her famous brunette locks have a strangely coppery tinge to them her mouth is set in a grimace rather than the promised enigmatic smile.

To everyone's surprise, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were first to congratulate the artist on his work. 'I thought it was brilliant,' said the Duchess, 'It's just amazing. Absolutely brilliant.'
 Emsley, a painter, tried to describe his work this way: ‘The Duchess explained to me that she would like to be portrayed naturally – her natural self as opposed to her official self. She struck me as enormously open and generous and a very warm person. "After initially feeling it was going to be an unsmiling portrait, I think it was the right choice in the end to have her smiling – that is really who she is."
What do you think abou this portrait?

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