четверг, 4 июля 2013 г.

Reading nowadays

 People of my generation used to read printed books, but now I know they have time only to skip the newspaper or look through their pages in popular social groups. What can we expect from our youth? I see new time – new habits. But let me state, reading  an “old fashion” (I mean,   paper) book gives a person a feeling of comfort and relax. And your favourite book becomes your friend ,which is always  next to you. 
 I am a reader. I have a lot of old friends on my bookshelves. Today I’d like you to meet one of  my best friends.  

The Thorn Birds by Australian writer Collen Mc Cullough is one of my favourite books. I 've reread it a lot of times. It's about a great love and strong feelings. The main characters are Meggie Cleary and Father Ralph. Firstly we see Meggie when she is four, and we follow her till the latest days of her dramatic  life.
 It is more than just  a love story, however. In this novel you can find awesome descriptions of Australia, Britain, Vatican, description of many historical events of early 20 century,  alive characters .
  I strongly recommend you to read it.

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